Free Tibet

One of our neighbors’ son, a 10th grader (Jewish) has just started a new club, “Free Tibet”.  Starting a club in our school, all you need is 10 warm bodies. And he has 15. And he’s persistent, in persuading King and Pumpkin to join.

Pumpkin has flatly refused.  But that didn’t stop him from asking again, and again.  They take the same bus every day to school.  King, on the other hand, is investigating.  He goes by the this site.  We had a long debate over dinner. Pumpkin left the table after dinner and King and I were talking long afterward. For the life of me, I just can’t think of a site that supports Tibet is part of China. I can’t remember the site that was site up to dispute with CNN reportage by a student in Beijing.  This site is all in Chinese.  King said that many kids don’t even know where Tibit is.  Mike’s twin asked “Is it in Africa?” Sweet. Who actually cared about Tibet before all of those nonsense?  Moi?  Nicht!

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