A water lily?

Billy, Victoria and MariaMy ears are being seriously abused: Maria Sharaova is playing Victoria Azarenka at the Bank of the West Classic 2010 at Stanford, San Francisco.
BUT ..
I like Maria’s little dress, color wise and design wise. It looks wonderful on her long torso on TV :). This picture doesn’t do her justice.
Both girls have similar physiques, tall, legally blond, good looking but their combined grunts just kill it.
It’s a dog fight out there ..

Look who’s complaining about grunt. I played this weekend with my usual group. Before I got on the court, the atmosphere was serene and tranquil. Everyone was playing peaceful then there came the screamer. Sorry I can’t control myself, can’t stop it. Ok, at least I don’t scream after I hit the ball, like Azarenka does.
The cats fight is good. A great baseline match. … but it can get boring: hard hitting from baseline…. never mind, my guests have arrived. Got to go…

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