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Three cop’s cars and swamp of state troopers
I took the MegaBus to DC from Penn Station (from 31st Street between 6th and 7th Avenue) for $20. Perhaps the lord mercy me: I found the bus just in time to depart. The cashier lady put out her palm and impatiently demanded “$20 … NOW”.
(On it’s site, MegaBus sells NY-DC ticket as low as $8. It is cheaper than my commuter train ride from home to Penn Station. Oh well .. They need to get into the suburb and shake the MTA/LIRR up a bit.)
It’s a double Decker with WiFi, wasn’t full but chairs were on the small side. About one hour after leaving the big apple, we found our bus was stopping, almost in the middle of the high way.
Three police cars were trailing us. And many officers were on the side.
The reason?
A passenger has been nagging the driver to stop since he saw a man left luggage in the bus but did not board. When the drive ignored him, he finally called the cop.
The reason? The man’s parents are on the bus .. he did the lifting to help his aging parents.

Oh lord, as if the airport long check line not long and cumbersome enough.

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