Vélodrome d’hiver

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Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup is the historical event Sarah’s Key is based on – one of my book club’s reads. We visited the site briefly last week while in Paris.

The buildings and the elevated tube or subway are overwhelming for the tiny site, don’t mention the nearby Eiffel Towner but I enjoyed it and glad we made time for it.

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  1. jeff groman says:

    hi kibbitzer I am looking for help with something. My name is jeff groman i live on bainbridge iskland by seattle. I am a cycling historian. recently a piece of the vel d’hive came to me. it is a plaster panel that was rescued when the building was demolished. I’m contacting people who know of the round up. I’m trying to find a photo that shows where the panel was located in the building. I think the folks rounded up had to look at this thing while being kept before deportation to the camps. I think this piece came to me for a reason yet to be determined. I can send u a pic if you’d like thanks jeff wwwsixdaybicyclerace.com

  2. Thanks Jeff, please do send me a picture to [email protected]. Happy holidays

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