In a Paris cafe

I'm hungry tooIts way of life, get use to it. The little birdy is hungry too and she’s being assertive!

I had a great pleasure to visit their BnF – Bibliothèque nationale de France. Although the national library charges its patrons – 3.5 Euro per day or 35 annually (while all US libraries are free, as many other things .. don’t you just love the Yankees? Well, if the Frenchies work a bit, they might be able to afford a free national library .. .. ok, to be fair, I went to the National Archives in London’s Kew Gardens last week which was great and free, more on that later) but it is worth visiting, not mentioning the resources it houses. The library has four glass buildings sits around a tree jungle with wood deck. Actually the whole area is filled with glass buildings. I took the Metro and changed at Gare d’Austerlitz, the station has windowed-in plants behind the platform. It makes the journey so much more pleasant and surprising, given the fact that parks in Paris are all very dusty – the unpaved (or paved?) paths.
Afterward, we stopped at another cafe – it’s all you do in Paris, eating and lounging. Ok, the Louvre (9.5 Euro) is spectacular, beats the British Museum (free) hands down.

Today hits 33 degrees, so its hot in European parlance, doesn’t need a sweater.

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