Becoming a Parisian

Olivier Giraud claimed his show is the only one man show How to become parisian in one hour? at Théatre de la main d’or in Paris and he intends to take it to UK, US and maybe world wide.
Good luck.
The ad said 7:30 but the ticket has 20h00, which the show stared promptly at 8pm. Ah well, it’s Paris.
The humor wasn’t clever at all and less than skin deep. How can he compete elsewhere? First thing came to my mind was Jewtopia. Ok, that’s two men plus show but its humors were far more sophisticated and clever than the Parisian’s
“.. If you see someone fell down in the Metro, you’d keep on walking ..”
Very elementary. My two teenagers liked it.
Actually it wasn’t even funny – it’s Paris, go figure. He charges 20 Euro for adult which made up most of his audience (French is the majority) and 10 for kid.

Anyway, so far the weather has been super great. Paris, as usually very charming and intimate. Dirty. Everyone is lounging every moment of the day. Make me wonder who’s working. The qualify of life seems better if all that means is you sit in a cafe and smoke, and watching the world goes by, day and night.
No one is rude, so far. Every other creature on the street is armed with a map. With so many immigrants and tourists, perhaps it’s hard to keep the streets clean. Same goes with London, on the dirty side.

The restaurants and cafes are more than one could bargain for: they simply fantastique and délicieux.
we had dinner at BoFinger last night. It’s so good that it opened an petite Bofinger across the street, which reminds me of The Palm on 3rd Avenue in New York.
There are so many little streets, secret corners in Paris that you’re willingly to get lost. That’s the charm of this city.

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