Speaking English, will you please

Landed in Heathrow and found London was actually basking in sunshine under a clear blue sky. Something for a change. London has changed a lot. Corny but true. The weather is just getting lucky.
First thing first, turn on the TV to Wimbledon. BBC has long and wide coverage – a red button on top right let viewer pick a match to watch, without a single commercial. Take note of that. Then .. I found myself longing for American style of tennis on TV with smart and elegant commentating. For Pete’s sake, it’s BBC, pick a better commentator. No wonder Lindsay Ann Davenport n Tracy Ann Austin find air time on this side of the pond. In US or for US channels, it’s marquee queen Mary and Pam, etc.
Carillo seems look better as she ages. Years ago I ran into her at US Open, found her to be less smooth, a chunky peanut butter and now a cream peanut butter.
The last and the current UK hopeful, Tim Henman and Andy Murray … nice players but they could use a nice dentist? It’s tiring just look at them.
Susan Barker or Sue is interviewing Tim, Boris (Becker) and John (McEnroe) to fill in some time gap. She sounds better ..
Ok, Berdych and Djokovic’s semi is about to begin. Hope the Birdie will beat the Joker.

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