The girlie girl

It was telling that when the boyfriend came with the waiter, the girl has her compact out and was putting on more make-up. We sat by the water and it was dimly lighted. Who’s going to see?  I wondered.  Then I thought to myself: ha, that’s why I didn’t date much.  Because not many boys/men like a tomboy.  I don’t see anything wrong by spending time on make-up/hair/outfits .. but I’m just not willing to waste my time on it.

I do have a compact or two. But they’re at least 10 years old. The Dior is mostly new, and the Estee Lauder is never used. Probably discolored or hard as a stone by now.

Last week I took them for a hair cut. The salon wasn’t busy and one of the hair dressers asked if I need one. I was tempted. I love short hair. Haven’t had that for a while. So I was walking toward the chair. But Pumpkin doesn’t like short hair on me. She gave a disapproval look through the mirror, “Mom, you look just fine.” So no hair cut.

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