The dating game

Dating to me is just two people meet and feel that mutual attraction and then begins to court each other. Or one sided. But nonetheless a ritual, not a game. When I first heard/saw game was added to dating, I knew it has changed, from what I know. For better or worse.

I don’t know dating well, because I seldom dated. I met Golfer, dated and got married, more than 20 years ago – lord, I’m old. I could never image drama, date rape .. .. My sheltered experience might sound boring, but I think if I were to do it again, I’d prefer this way. No stress, no headache, no wasted time: a pleasant and happy period, led to pleasant and happily after. You can label it as monotonous, but it’s fine with me.

Last week I ran into two girls, or women. One in her 20s, is having a one-sided love affair with a guy on the other side of the Pacific Ocean and doesn’t know it – she thinks. They exchange e-mails frequently and she is going to visit him in two weeks, even she doesn’t know if he’s married or having a girl friend. I found that’s very sweet.

Another night last week on a girls’ night out, a single woman whom I met for the first time – in her late 30s or early 40s. As soon as she walked in, she was freaking out, because someone who dated her was at the bar. The entire night was all about her dating, and her work. They met in that same restaurant and at time she was with someone.

“I pushed him away for good year and half. Finally when I was free and we began to see each other for 3 weeks. Then he said he’ll call and never did.” She felt she had given in too much and couldn’t let it go easily. It shows that male and female view sexual relationship differently. Women, regardless of race, don’t take it lightly.

One minute she was happy that they stopped dating, because he’s heavy drinker, kiddish.. .. Another she missed him. She even called her ex, but he didn’t answer. So finally we got the waiter to get him over. Not bad looking man for his age, 50. As soon as he sat down, we chatted for a good few minutes. He said he’s visited China few years ago, and .. .. He might be a light weight, but he sure knows how to handle a conversation with a stranger. Midway through, he left. I thought he’d leave with her. no, No, NO she replied.

“Did you see he was doing footies with her (her girl friend)?!”
Sorry, I didn’t.
“Yes, he did. I told him I was your friend.” The girl friend said.
“I would never go out with him again.”

Can’t say I feel her pain, but I certainly understand her dilemma and sympathise with her.  I’m firm believer that there is some one for every one.  Correct grammar?  Ok, there is always some one for you.

Dating, puzzles me, and thank lord I didn’t have to deal with it.


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