Regarding the 9/11 ..

I got my knowledge of 9/11 from the major media outlet, haven’t read or dig deep. And I’m not going to. But the little I know, I think the conspiracy theory isn’t adding up.

For one, I just had this inkling the moment I saw the twin towers in flame in the distance:  US, under any circumstances,  wound not shot down a commcercial jet liner.  They’re more than decent.  Unlike the Russians nor Koreans who had no qualm of downing a plane full of humans.  I had no doubt that US fighter jets would and could have react in time.  But it’s just no in their consiousness to do so, especially prior to 9/11.  Not sure they’ll do so now.

I felt angry when the jets hit their targets. It’s like being invited to a home then the guests terrorized the hosts and their friends/families right there. They took advantage of this country’s generousity and openess and used it against this country and its armless citizens. Hey, if you want to fight, don’t you want to fight fair and square, not have to sneaky around like a rat?  And seeing those middle easterners were dancing on the streets of New York, I was totally lost at words: why would you live in a country that you hate so much?  Obviously this country isn’t treating them badly so they stayed.  Correct?  Then why didn’t they show a tiny bitzy gratitude toward the US?  The sheer fact that they could dance -openly and safely – while the entire world was in mourning over the lost of so many lives is a tribute to this country’s openness and fairness; even sometimes I think they’re overboard, almost bending backward.

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