The underclassman

Does this woman looks like the next First Lady to you?  Not to me.  She looks sneaky, meant and, ok, I’ll say it out loud, underclass.  Americans, in my 井底之蛙’s view are ..

– Affable .. They are gracious, fair and straightforward with higher standard
– Sunny .. Even the sun shines brighter on this part of the earth
– Abundance .. Big is the right word (even in human size, which isn’t great) land, resources .. the best time yet to come
– Innovative .. Gates and Spielberg .. etc. aside, they collected most Nobel Prizes in the past 60 or so years.  Many Laureates had won while on the American soil, that included five Chinese (born here or not) .. not on the tail of the Affirmative Action
– Privileged.. A century of being on the top, they’re the aristocrats

America has been looked down by the old world and the old money for a long time. I think now it has the prestige and depth to have a pedigree.  I want to see the man and woman with lineage, to represent this country.  Not some new kids on the block.  I don’t want to hear that White House, which is kind of famous for being frugal, .. it’s silver ware are stolen by its occupants. 小人万万不可得志. Ok, I knew this land also represent opportunity, and they love rags to riches story and an underdog.  But doesn’t the affirmative action takes away the arduous struggle, makes it a free ride for colored few? Who loves a cherry picker? I want a hunter.

The each of the following Serena, John Roberts, the Bryan twins, David Petraeus and Pred Bush represents something uniquely American ..








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