The Phone Call

The caller ID

Political Call

Flushed across on my phone this afternoon. Surprise it was a woman from McCain camp. She asked if I were a Republican and that McCain needs my support.

My surprise came at the fact my town is a very demo little heaven. Hillary campaigned here every other week while running for the senate. Secondly, New York always goes to the Demo.

Not sure that was all she had to say, because I answered quickly .. I’m a bad listener. Should one day my kids say that I don’t understand them, it probably true, :).  Just yesterday Pumpkin ruefully concluded that no one can communicate with me while I’m on drug -> watching tennis .. ..

I told her that Sir McCain picked wrong VP.  She thanked me.

Lord, is he going to change his VP after this round of survey?

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  1. I too have received numerous calls from this number. Chose not to answer but called and heard it was from here. My guess is they were wondering how I may have voted.
    Well, there WERE more than two canidates.
    In the past I did support Senator McCain, however his choice for VP, changed my vote for Him.
    She is probably a very nice woman, and good at her present job. But, I could not vote for her as possibly leading our country. I have children I worry about and a grandchild. I wish them the best possible future they can have and deserve.
    All due respect to Senator McCain.

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