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Jap Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda would resign, only little over a year after taking office. His predecessor, Shinzo Abe lasted the same length of time. Guess after the popular rock star Junichiro Koizumi stepped down, Jap just can’t find a suitable replacement. Merry-go-round is back in fashion again.

It’s fascinating to see a $4.7 trillion company could sustain constant reshuffled of its CEO, while China changes little at the top. China Factor gets under way (used to be the China Price in the manufacture sector); will it also affect the US election?

Not sure why would McCain meet with the Dalai Lama. The GOP convention at St. Paul is under siege; Bush isn’t going – someone has to man the fort; his pretty running mate Sarah Palin’s 17-year-old daughter Bristol is 5-month pregnant .. Obama generously told his staff the pregnancy is off limit. He’s leading, so he can afford. Why Palin? Dan Quayle got the job done. But Bush the elder was riding on the success of Ronald Reagan.  Does her decision to give birth to her son with Down syndrome have anything to do for being selected as the VP – anti-abortion vote?  Does Joe Biden’s son, Beau Biden going to Iraq(or been there) have any weight as being picked as demo VP?  How about Joe Lieberman as McCain’s VP?  I don’t think Palin will get Hillary’s girlie vote:  Hillary is a well-aged steak, the meaty main course and Palin is just a sweet dessert, light weight, something we can live without.

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