Angelo and Maxie’s

Angelo and Maxie’s is a nice steakhouse on Park Avenue South at corner of 19th Street. It has high ceiling and the deco is subtle. The books add warmth to the 30ish retro atmosphere. The oysters and clams are fresh (Balthazar comes to mind). Porterhouse is tender. The restaurant has a decent size.  What I don’t get is the tiny ladies room with only two stalls and without much maneuver space – would station a maid there.  I was the only one in there, the maid has to move herself to stand behind the door.  Then when second woman came in, she almost slammed the maid with the door.   Maid or not doesn’t matter all that much, as long as the place is clean.  It doesn’t add any elegance, prestige nor glamour to the business.  In this tight space, I need the lest is some half wit person to turn on the water and hand me the towel.  Or was the restaurant doing some charitable work helping out homeless?  If that’s case, enlarge your bathroom first.

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