Evergreen Shanghai Restaurant 绿杨村

Evergreen Shanghai Restaurant
10 E 38th St @ 5th & Madison Ave
New York, NY 10016-0004
Phone: (212) 448-1199
(Street parking starts 7pm. Garage across the street)I’ve been going there a lot lately.  It’s Lady Di’s sister Katie’s.  Oddly enough, the reviews were mostly negative.  I guess the half and half patrons (half Chinese and half non-Chinese) may explain the unfavorable review.  I for one, don’t write reviews.

The food is fine and the waiters are nice and long term.  Katie treats them really well.  One day back in March, the Renda group was circulating a dinner gathering it co-hosting with AFS.  I looked at the address and thinking it’s close to Lady Di’s gift shop, so I called her up, to see if she’d like to meet for a drink if I go at all – one stone for two birds.  She asked where I would be at.

“10 E 38th Street”
“Oh, that’s Katie’s restaurant.”
“What? Really? So I’m definitely going.”

That night, we had 4 tables, almost 50 people showed up.  After the dinner, I had drink with Lady Di and her sisters, Andrew till 11:30.  Next month after dinner, we had drink till midnight. ..

Kate just renovated her resturant.  It’s calm and tasteful, although I’m not crazy about the bar.  I love the brick wall at the end.  We joked she needs to put in a bath tub and a pull down bed or two.

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