Rainy days

I haven’t felt so happy to see a rainy day on weekend for a long long time.

During the warm months, from May to October, on weekends, I would feel severely depressed when I wake up to a rainy morning, or wet ground, because it means my out door tennis game is ruined. But this morning when I looked out at the window at 6:45, and saw the rain drops on the tree leaves, I felt so relieved and grateful. I was too tired to get up to play, and grateful to the fact I didn’t have to debate if to drag my lead laden legs to go or not. Trust me, my phone rang three times – buddies called to see if the game was still on. I’m not the only fanatic in the group!!

I got up at 7, read for a while, had little breakfast plus the little Madeleines (Entenmann’s petite butter cakes). Then read more on the under aged Chinese gymnast – pls host and compete a fair game (my gut feeling is the girls are under age; passports can always altered.  Why didn’t the reporter sound out the parents, neighbors or the hospitals where they were born?) – then promptly snored on the sofa! It was very unusual, for a person who hates sleep since a baby. Ha, I think I’m getting old, .. no doubt about that.



If 人民公社 people’s commune and 大锅饭 food prepared in a large canteen cauldron appeal to you, then yesterday’s BBQ was the place to be. Under the cloud-flecked sky, we had a huge turnout. 靓女如云,帅哥蜂拥而来.. dads, moms, grannies, and kids too. Foremost, Kevin the spy was god-sent who shopped with me for the 70+ crowds. I was very grateful since I only ‘met’ him on line couple of days earlier. Not sure the H Mart is an appropriate meet-up place for on-line daters, but he’s very punctual, dressed accordingly and did all the lifting. (I did hear someone mentioned AFS is a 相亲会 .. I didn’t make this up!) The reward for him was my recommendation to join the Communist Party. There are so many party members are leaving the party, according to the 退党 banner in Flushing, there ought to be a single vacancy for Kevin. 向毛主席保证 I also tried to brainwash him to become a CIA .. Chinese Intelligence Agent that is. We shall see how much damage I’ve done to my great helper, in few months time, 🙂 Ya, I’m a singleton joker: can only manage a dumb joke once in a while and repeat it hundred times, till it’s stale.

The arrival spread out over few hours, so it took the load off the chefs who got hot with the meat, that was marinaded by the Chairman’s daughter. Thanks kiddo. The real kids have good time with the water balloon fight. Many of them with wet outfit. Not sure their parents approve that, but no one had a fit with me.

I personally don’t drink soda (neither my family), so it isn’t high on my shopping list. Apparently, waters and beers were less welcome than, well, you guessed it .. soda. Need to improvise next time. Boss, will I have next time, get one more chance? Hey, we should all eat/drink healthily.

I’m thankful to those came early to help out. Hoped they all had enough to eat, and enjoyed. I really appreciated those who replied on time (Yes, No or Maybe).  A little good manner goes a long way.

George the gamer said he postponed his trip back to China for the bbq. Wow .. I was flattered, and really impressed with his games. He staged the Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. We all expected Dayong to dance. But in his absence, the three swans did well, got standing ovation. Next we formed few groups to get-to-know-you, then compete on the knowledge of your group mate with other group. The more you know was the winner. George played favor, because he cut my group short after we assured him that Jian – an adoring dad and loving husband was pregnant 9 years ago. So we had wrong cheat sheet, lost out on the prizes. There were few pretty girls, all the boys and guys were jocking for their attention. First they got down on their knees, when that didn’t work, they got down to the floor doing push ups. The last two standing fought over the table. The winner was a tall handsome. He not only got the girl, a shirt and … a hug too. Sorry, due to kids, it was only PG-13, we forbid them to French kiss.

PS .. when I got home, I scolded my kids for not coming to help me out – thinking of Chairman’s daughter who’s same age as mine. My son, stands good 5’9″ now, pad my shoulder, bent down, kissed my forehead,
“Mom, we still love you …”
Then walked away with his buddies, continued doing whatever they were doing.  I felt like the most successful Asian mother on earth.. ..  Ya right. What difference a year made. Last summer they went with me ..

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