China Presses Grieving Parents to Take Hush Money

I’m surprised, with Olympic in sight, Sichuan or China in that matter, hasn’t executed few corrupted officials and contractors, or scape goats, a far better way to pacify the grieving and angry parents than money alone. The parents do deserve compensation, but unless the justice is done, there will be a deep hole in their hearts.  With Wen was at the center and forefront, I’d think government would go to that extra step to make live more bearable for the victims.  Nothing is worst than losing your child.  Death penalty for those who’s responsible for the school buildings’ collapse. I’m angered if the Times report were true.

When US/Nato bombed Chinese embassy in Belgrade, US government paid $1m to each three Chinese victims.  When I read that, my first reaction was, “how much does the families of the three actually receive.”  Knowing the way they were/are, and the fact Chinese government used to take chuck out of the pay checks from their UN (United Nations) employees (so did Russia).  I think until the US and few other benefactors (a.k.a.) heavy contributors objected it openly.  How pathetic it was.


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