Burton and Doyle

661 Northern Blvd
Great Neck, NY 11021

The moment you step into Burton and Doyle, you realize it’s not your average steakhouse. Meet friends, unwind and most of all, enjoy a great meal. It’s everything a premier steakhouse should be. Classic ambiance accented by rich mahogany wood, artwork, and spacious comfort. Superb food – including the finest quality prime dry aged beef and mouthwatering seafood painstakingly prepared to your exact liking. And most of all warm, captivating sounds of people having a great time together.

I haven’t been there for a while and didn’t realize that they have added a sushi bar. There are metal chopsticks being part of the settings on each table now. Either they wanted to be the in crowds only to got it wrong – Japs don’t use this kind of chopsticks which are favored by the Koreans, or they had to branch out for survival. Aside from sushi bar (simply unappetizing in a steak house .. IMHO), the place still looks the same but the service and cooking are way down.
We ordered a Cab from the menu but the old waiter brought over a different one by Mondavi since the one we ordered isn’t available. I think it’s an insult to assume that your clients don’t know their wines. When we ordered the second bottle, it wasn’t available either. The waiter confessed or quick thinking, saying that they’re in the process of updating their wine list.
And the steaks.
There were two orders of filet mignons, one medium rare and one medium well. The medium rare was well done and the MW was burned, and this is a premium steak house!

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