Suor Angelica

suorThis year’s opera production was Puccini’s Suor Angelica and Gianni Schicchi. I was grateful that school had chosen this one because I probably won’t go to Met for a Puccini – his just aren’t as spectacular and beautiful as Mozart’s – the last four productions, two were by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the other one was The Merry Widow by Franz Lehár. However I enjoyed this doubles very much, as usual, for both content, moving and funny and the performance which was simply sublime. Seeing all those kids putting in so much time to perfect it gives hope that opera and classical music is here to stay, big time.

To our knowledge, Great Neck South High School remains on of the only non-specialized public high schools in the nation with an active Opera Company.

Sister Angelica tends garden to hide her unhappiness. When her aunt, a princess, came to visit. She was delighted, it’s been seven years she had heard from her family. When the aunt is ushered in who held up her arm to show coldness toward Angelica’s greeting. From their conversation we learn that Angelica was put in suor1the convent by her family as punishment for having an illegitimate child. As Angelica begs for compassion and the news of her son, she was informs that the child is now dead .. ..
Heart wrenching tale of piety, passion, and penance. I was mindful with Russia Seeks Ways to Keep Its Children .. in the recent days prompt by an unmarried woman Torry Hansen who sent her 7-year old adapted son back home alone.
Innocent children caught up in an unfortunate circumstance.
(On another note, I found it’s laughable that Russians tries to stop the flow of adaption to USA: buddy, if you were taking care of your orphans in the first place … … this would not had happened. Good damage control act – I would not have known that Russia is a big exporters of kids, aside from bullying, etc. Only bulling would not work this time. I’m leaning toward believing that Hansen was lied to.)

The news of her son’s death is more than Angelica can bear and in her distraction, she drinks a deadly poison. Suddenly realizing the full implication of what she has done, she begs the Virgin to forgive her mortal sin.

Seeing it, or rather hearing it in a opera, it still stunned me .. .. that in death, you still need a permission from the god.

Reminder: choose my religion carefully.

Btw, the price has gone up a bit, to $12.

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