Missed opportunities

UPenn on 10-10-2009Attending a football game has been my dream for many years. Last October Golfer surprised me with one: he proposed that we go to see UPenn. Ok, I’d go anywhere and see anyone play. We leisurely checked into the hotel that overlooking the stadium after a relaxed lunch. The sky was blue. We went out for a stroll, went to the book store, checked out the bands and happened to pass by the football field. The gate was very lively, many people, parents and mixing with players.
Must be a practicing just ended. I thought to myself.
“Let’s me pick up the tickets for tomorrow.” Golfer announced. He purchased the tkts online last week.
I took few pictures and hoped for a gorgeous Sunday to enjoy my long last football.
“The ticket box was closed.” He told me as we were leaving.
No big deal.
The following day. hmmmmm .. clearing up my throat, and pull my hair back .. take a deep breathe ..
They got up late .. I looked out to the stadium.
“Honey, how come there isn’t any activity?” I was expecting balloons, or warm ups .. on the field.
“Oh, it’s probably too early.” Golfer replied.
We had relaxed brunch .. then slowly walked toward the gate. It was really a short hop from our hotel to the ball field. Mommy Eng was expecting to see students with face painted and noisy .. but the whole area was quiet.
“Where IS every body?” I wondered out loud.
“Wait till we get closer.” Golfer said.
DSCN2343Soon the four of us stood in front of the silent game. Not a single soul was around.
“Oh crap ..” Golfer suddenly turned to me
“Sorry sweetheart, I totally forgot .. the game was yesterday.”
So we caught the tail end of a game day yesterday as everyone was leaving.
Pro football plays on Sunday and college on Saturday. I should have known better.

Next month, we visited Marist College .. my family vetoed the football game. Golfer drove around it. My kids pointed it,
Mom, look, football.
They’re so cruel.

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