Warte Krause – Der Krieg in China

Google Warte Krause today I got the Muenzauktion Lothar Futter, selling price is €50.

Deutsches Reich 1900
Grade: 2-3 | Abbreviations
AK.,Lithographie/Der Krieg in China/Warte Krause
Ecken leicht bestoßen
Ein Eckbug
Ein leichter Knick
Hinten Flecken

This is the copy I have –>
Interesting: they both have No. 6309 up the upper right hand side.
The War in China
It refers to the Boxer Rebellion in 1900
A Swiss philatelist came to New York to present his collection at the Collector’s Club few years ago. This was one of his collectibles. I asked for a copy and he’s kind enough to send me a copy, two years later. One of the opening lines he used was to be a philatelist, you have to know/love history.

The above left is the other side of the top pix on the Lothar Futter site. The right one is from Humorous postcards of China – more in gallery too.

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