RDFZ 人大附中80届 class list

RDFZ class 1980: January 1978


RenDa Fu is turning 60 this summer. Let’s see how long would it take to complete this list without hurling around a spreadsheet. Hopefully before the anniversary. People can view this item without signing in .. hope you guys can view it.

Identify each one of them in this picture .. from L to R 从左到右

  • Row A 1-11 (back row 最后一排): A7=Yan ShangLi
  • Row B 1-13: B1=Yan XiaoQing; B2= Lin Lei; B7=班长 姚谦明 Yao QianMing; B12=Huang; B13=Cliff Ding 丁力
  • Row C 1-15: C3= Shi Mingya; C6=the Dean; C7= Ms. Lin Qingqiu; C8=Mr. Bai; C13= Zhang Yishi Yaaaaaa .. you still look the same !!!! 吃什么 防腐剂?? 🙂
  • Row D 1-13 (front row 第一排): D5=Su Su; D6=张凝 Irene Eng; D7= SiMa Lan; D11=Shi YanMei


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