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DSCN5689Nan Xiang Dumpling House in Flushing has acquired an adjacent space next door: just doubled their dinning area. But the wait time was horrendous. We were there last Wednesday for lunch. Unlike other lunch times we visited, we found a table right away but were told the waiting time for their famed xiao long bao, meat juicy dumplings was more than 30 minutes: because one of the chefs was absent.
One table to our right was a friend with his girl friend and son. The table to our left were four young people who were very chatting.
We ordered fried noddle. It came in a fashionable time frame.
30 minutes disappeared quickly.
The young people order five cold appetizers. Three first then after they emptied them they order two more. Their soup noddle came.
I was wondering: do dumplings really need a chef?
“Seven more minutes.”
One of the girls told the waitress that they’re leaving, please bring them the check. They’ve been there for an hour.
“Six more minutes.”2010-08-03
Our steamed meat dumplings came at the same time: for us it was a solid 50 minutes from the time we placed the order and when it came.
Uncle Jimmy said the Nan Xiang in Shanghai serves 18 dumplings in a tray and his son could polish two trays each time.

Update: August 3. The wait is not as long as it was but there was wait. The reason was due to their expansion.
If I were them, I would move the buns making to the front, like the dumpling house in Toronto. .. hmmm .. maybe they don’t need that ad to attract customers.

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  1. Cliff Ding says:

    Just happened to see piece. I went to Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao in Flushing once last November. The steamed buns are pretty good, at least to me, from New Jersey, who is somewhat used to americanized chinese food. Apparently, the place is quite well known among the locals. There was still a line waiting outside at 2:00 pm.

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