The accountability

Since the start of the earthquake, I’ve been getting donation info or request few times a week.  Most are just giving info as where to donate; some offer company matching, seminars, cocktail receptions, concerts, sport tourneys, even the restaurants .. the venues are very wide.  Great thing.  Who said Chinese are selfish and stingy?

One of the presidents of the finance related group is from Sichuan, so he formed a foundation, inviting anyone who’s willing to serve or sit on the board.  The first thing comes to my mind is, does he or the foundation know how to run a non profit?  Know anything at all about how difficult it is to make a proper distribution?  Getting money actually is the easy part.  Do they have the manpower to find the needy party and vet the allocation?  Wouldn’t be easier just donate to a reputable charity like Red Cross or Tzu Chi, ensure your dollars work harder?

What stuck me odd was the comment I heard at one of the fundraisings when the Consul General Peng Keyu assured us the accountability: ” .. every single check is recorded .. first day we received 60, our accounting clerk worked well beyond the office hour .. ”  Then the donation checks increased to 600 or so, “we have to ask our wives to chip in to help ..”  Talking about the effort of every one at consulate is one thing (which is normal) but emphasis on accountability is seemingly amaturish, 此地无银三百两 is over stressing their innocence.  Living in the US, I take for granted.  I’ve been involved with fundraising events and charity works, but never heard such thing – it shows China or Chinese (the first generation anyway) is still green, has a lot of learning to do.

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