Allan Gokson

Allan Gokson’s (Kwok Chih-fong 郭植芳) Obituary

It is with a feeling of great personal loss that I report the demise of my good friend of almost 30 years, and a long-time member of the China Stamp Society, Allan Gokson, C.S.S. #178.

He was born in Sydney, Australia on 21 April 1911, and died in his sleep in San Francisco on 25 November 1967, having been in ill-health for several months. He is survived by his father, William Gockson (who uses this spelling) of Hong Kong, his widow, Mrs. Glennis Gokson, a son, Captain Lincoln Gokson, U.S. Army, recently returned from a tour of duty in View Nam; and daughters Mrs. Li of Hong Kong, Mrs. Mar and Miss Victoria Gokson of San Francisco, and two grandchildren.

As is well known he was perhaps the most knowledgeable and best informed expert in the classic stamps of China, having specialized in those issues. His collection included at one time or another most of the outstanding rarities of those issues, most of which were disposed of since coming to the United States.

While in Shanghai he was manager of the number 3 Mill of the Wing On Textile Manufacturing Company, having previously attended the School of Technology of the University of Manchester, England, in 1930-34. Before that he had attended schools in Shanghai and San Francisco.

I first made his acquaintance in Shanghai in 1939 when on a trip to China and Japan, while stationed in Guam, which I visited him at his home with James N. Wong, a former member of the China Stamp Society, who had originally introduced him to Chinese philately through the sale of his collection of Chinese stamps. He was a member of the Chiu Chin Shan Chapter of the C.S.S. since coming to San Francisco in 1958.

In Shanghai he was prime mover in the local philatelic societies, and in May 1948 was host to the members and friends of The New Light Philatelic Society in connection with the Shanghai Stamp Exhibition at his extensive garden estate at Hung Jao. Photographs of this event are to be found in volume 15, number 3, of the New Light Philatelic magazine.

H.F. Bowker

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4 Responses to Allan Gokson

  1. Ivan Wong says:

    Hi dear,

    I am in search of my dad’s long time friend Yvonne Gockson (郭佩芳) (we suspected that she is in UK) and his brother Donald Gockson (郭子芳). Both of them are children of William Gockson. Last time they met each other was in the 1960s. If you have any information related to her, please contact me.

    Million thanks!

  2. Will do. Thanks and happy 2011

  3. Jack Smith says:

    Hi, does anyone here know of the whereabouts of my friend, Lincoln Gokson, who is a
    dentist—-probably retired by now? He graduated from Lowell High School in 1957.

    Thank you,

    Jack Smith

  4. Robert Krause says:

    Through another friend, I met and became friends with Lincoln Gokson from 1975-1980 when I lived and visited the Bay Area during those years. I would also like to know if anyone has any information about Lincoln since then. Thank you. Robert Krause

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