I want to ga gu

Tonight is her school dinner dance night (the gas is at $4.51).  We went to shopping couple of weeks ago, she found a cute dress that fits her perfectly, simply pretty.  My little girl is a young lady now.  It’s pretty lame to say that time flies, but it is.  As if it’s still yesterday when she said “I want to ga gu .. I want to ga gu ..”: King had just started his nursery and she was home alone with the maid.  For few days, she was visibly subdued and on Wednesday, she spoke up that she too wanted to go to school ..
We had devoted an entire wall for their master works.  King would bring home his doodles on daily basis (all folded and taped to his cloth around belly area).  When she finally began to ga gu, the very first home, she proudly presented her own work and told me to hang on the wall as well.  .. It wasn’t all that long ago!

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