King likes history. He asked me what history course should he take in his sophomore year, World or European. I teased him, how about Chinese history? He replied, “Mom, there isn’t one.” I know, I know. Our school language department has expanded to inlcude Chinese in the middle school, but history curriculum hasn’t changed. Asia is rising, shouldn’t we re-appropriate the pie?  Golfer knows European history far better than Asian, “there wasn’t much [in school] ..”

One day last week we were chatting about current events, on the race to the White House, I said I would vote for Michael Bloomberg as president (no, he isn’t running), because he’s successful entrepreneur, doesn’t have to be in anyone’s pocket and his view on China, that it’s an enormous opportunity rather than a threat – as many politicians claimed to be. He doesn’t need to scary the voters, so he can state the truth.  I went on to say that in the centuries past, China wasn’t an aggressive invaders, rather being invaded.  Lord, my kids agreed loudly in unison.  The tone of their voice didn’t suggest that they were trying to shut me down. 

Here I’m wondering, if my teenagers who aren’t very fond of China but nevertheless knew the basic fact (obviously they didn’t dig for it on their own ..), how could the US government gets it wrong? How and why could the media paint the wrong picture? So the politicians are really big fat liars? And they think the voters are dumb?

He’ll do European.

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