Amazon @ Carnegie Hall

The tallest girl I’ve seen .. away from sports

One of the BBQs over the weekend was cancelled, so when someone offered free tickets (Bachiana Chamber Orchestra, conducted/piano by João Carlos Martins. It cost only $2 in the box office anyway; corp sponsors picked up the bulk of it), we ended up going to a concert at Carnegie Hall that benefit Amazons preservation with my tennis buddies. I know when a female is associated with amazon won’t bring up a lovely picture, but this one is a perfect fit for the word.  Oh I was forbidden to take pictures for the interior is copy-righted.  Whatever.  I’m law obedient so I snap few in distance :).

Not sure because of the cheapness, the audience wasn’t too sophisticated, and I was bit annoyed at their clapping in between. Ok, I’ve seen the appreciative thundering awarded to an astonishing performance in betweens, but that night was only lukewarm, far cry from amazing.  Choice of program was poor with two Mozart’s slow piano concertos (#27 and #23) back to back.  The string section of this chamber orchestra looked bit scruffy. .. It’s a good night out, I wanted to go to Veniero, 🙂 didn’t get to sit down for a cup of latte, Golfer claimed that he’s tee time at 9am the following day. But I got my cheesecakes.

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