Piano man

Last Friday I thought Golfer went to golf – shows how much a wife knows her hubby .. it turned out he went to shop for a piano.  And asked me what color do I prefer.  Shiny black would be my only objection. 

Lee‘s been enthusiastically encouraging him to get a baby grand – she has three baby grands in her living room, plus an upright.  He thought about getting one, actually.  But consider our small living space, not only the presence will overwhelming but the acoustically undesirable.  Actually few years ago, our neighbor’s mother was about to move out of her house to an apartment, had to part away with an Steinway.  They came knocking to see if Golfer would want it.  For the same reason, unfortunately.  Thank god he didn’t ask me to move out 🙂 .. the maid’s room downstairs is empty ..

So what color did he get?  He said it’ll be delivered this Friday, “you’ll see.”  Cool.  He promised me that he’ll take me to shop when he’s looking for the second wife or a mistress.

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