Don’t Bother With the Hotel Pool

Open water swimming isn’t my cup of tea ever since I switched to free style from breast stroke.  There’s little rock or tiny island off the Repulse Bay in Hong Kong that we used to swim to.  The water in HK is crystal clear, so regardless of company or not, I’d go.  But when the water turns to muddy, I’ll think twice when I do free.  Not sure what would turn up from the deep bottom of the ocean or river or lake, 🙂 – or scaring myself out of my own shell.

Once in Berkshires, a friend drove us over the lake.  It’s Labor Day but the water was bearable.  When I spotted an old man in a boat, I decided to swim across the lake – asked the elder if he’d rowing on my right side.  Most of time, I’d think about a Russian movie I saw in Beijing: a young man had lung disease.  To save him at that time was to put in a shark lung – hence made him an amphibian.  When the pretty leading lady fighting with her powerful boyfriend, lost her footing and fall in to the ocean, only was saved by the amphibian.  He later collected pearls and presented to her as token of his love.  When the b/f saw this, he thought he found a path to riches and made the amphibian his slave, harvesting pearls day and night. .. It’s a sad romantic movie, but when the fragments resurfaced was when I was free style in the open water, too afraid to open my eyes. What would it be like with a group?

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