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I wished that Golfer speaks Chinese, so do my children. But they don’t. And I’m very exasperated and embarrassed, especially over my children’s refusal. From time to time, some Chinese friends invited us and they’d assure me that ‘don’t worry’ that they speak English (for the sake of Golfer). I really appreciated their consideration and hospitality, I meant it.

But come to think about it, speaking English or not isn’t that important as far as communication goes, correct? I for one, don’t chat up someone just because the person speaks my native tongue.

Once I met a self made man at a private concert. He’s short with fat fingers, didn’t look educated (primary school grad) and nor belonged there. When I made my way for a glass of wine, he urged me to try the red, a case of the de Rothchilds he provided – he was one of the benefactors that night for the up coming young Juilliard pianist. A conversation ensued. His heavy Hispanic accent, at first was hard for me – I was sure mine to him. But his warmth was contagious. So the conversation continued, hand, arm and facial gestures helped too. We talked about our kids among many things and he said .. he should be judged by his children. Five in total: a teacher, a lawyer, a doctor, a singer (or anchor?) and one ran the landscaping biz with him. He thanked god a lot while I’m a heathen, but we did have a lot in common, or share the same values even we speak different languages.. .. .. and we all agreed that how our children behave are direct reflection of us.

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