Robbery vs Burglary

Word of the day: robbery and burglary.
Most people perhaps don’t know the difference, myself included.
Today our community had a meeting with the police since there were few burglaries this year, (28 to be exact, ytd which is comparable with 2009 data) and few Asian families were targeted or the victims (3 weeks ago one of our friend’s home was being burglarized while this meeting was being planned.). Few felt it’s a good time to have a dialog with the authority hence our Chinese association initiated this informative meeting, in connection with Lee Tu.
To my surprise, band of brothers in uniform were there, almost out numbered us, (ok, bit overboard .. .. ). What’s more, the commissioner Lawrence Mulvey was on hand too. Holy smoke, who comes next, Ray Kelly or Bill Bratton?
I spoke with them briefly before the meeting. The commish was in casual outfit who emphasized Commanding Officer when he introduced Steve Williams (at 6th Precinct) and Kevin Canavan (at 3rd Precinct), although both commanding officers’ business card has Inspector in italic above the Commanding Officer title. Geee .. I’m only a plebe wouldn’t have known the hierarchical. I guess it meant they are the skippers at the respective stations/precinct? The officers with uniforms all had shiny shoes on, kind of standard issue – think of Richard Gere who got in trouble .. in An Officer and a Gentleman.

police 2Personally I don’t feel the few burglaries happened are any indication of danger. I attended it because I wanted to support the local community.

The MC and Lee Tu opened the meeting and the 3-years old commissioner spoke first who immediately explained the difference between R and B:
Burglary is when no one’s home while robbery uses force, confronting the victim(s) ..
He mentioned that the Asian or Chinese in particular is the least problematic crowds. Then explained few methods that the new tech is helping them in solving crimes, such as capturing the license plates by camera crossing at a certain location then eliminate with few conditions to catch the criminals. CSI it wasn’t, actually looks pretty low tech compare to CSI but I appreciated the fact the commish took his time to come on a sunny day. Winning votes? [Not even sure if the Police Commissioner is an elected position.] Reaching out? Toward end, he did mention that Nassau police force would love to have more Chinese on force. Ha. Police Officer Eng? Na, adding more danger/trouble than preventing it for I’m too old and slow, outran by thief on any given day.

There was a cool guy, Gary Shapiro who’s bald. The commish joked that his baldness is contributed by the fact that he wears too many hat:
Detective Sergeant
Deputy Commanding Officer
Community Affairs
Department Bias Crime Coordinator

Those officers might had been a Denzel Washington in Training Day sometime prior in their career but now they’re all pretty articulated and smooth (Sir Canavan is movie star handsome just bit out of shape.. Sir Williams is ever bigger … errrh I shouldn’t have shown that. Hey, thieves, remember the officers run fast even in bulk frames), spoke intelligently and informatively. Canavan ditched the mike in favor of speaking-plainly, joked that he would start singing if he has a mike in hand, by which the commish retorted that he has just had enough of it from last night.

Canavan said he was once the victim of burglary himself. They don’t keep valuables in their bedroom (in their garage instead) which is the prime target for thieves. They perpetrators are usually target homes without light because they don’t look for confrontation, usually commit the crime during dark hours. The Asian families might have been targeted due to the common trait: keeps cash at home, wears gold .. Dimmers are good deterrents. If you go on vacation, you can fill out Vacancy card (?) at the local precinct. Man, the Nassau police is really busy.

After the meeting, one of the commanding officers was talking about his sister-in-law who grew in a lesser safe area that she’s far more alert and caution than his brother.
“She would look to see if any one if following her .. the things she worries about have never even occurred to me out here .. ”
Where is she from? I wondered.
“New York.”
I would have thought she’s from another planet.
Come on, be real.
New York isn’t that bad.
Long Island is certainly not an utopia.
It is the Long Islanders who make-believe that this tiny island is wealthy and exotic hence the target of R n B.

policeCanavan regaled us this story: a few burglaries happened in his jurisdiction New Hyde Park by a group thieves from Brooklyn:
“They don’t know LI, picked New Hyde Park by taking Jackie Robinson Parkway and ended up here. ..” because it’s LI. Sigh.
One of the lady from New Hyde Park in the audience asked if the police could block some roads .. even permanently.
I rolled my eyes.
Seriously, lady, are you out of your mind?
Auto accident happens every second, do we all stop driving?
Two, isn’t road blocking decision should be made by the local government, village or township?
Another lady asked if police could install the license plate reader in her community, to monitor?
I wouldn’t have mind but again, this should be the decision made by local government/village. And what about residents who don’t want to be monitored by the big brother?
The police said exact what I was thinking: it isn’t their decision to install, and yes, monitoring isn’t everybody’s favor.

Hey, listen sticky fingers or fingerinas: I’m disabled at home, and we’re dirt poor – I wear my daughter’s hands me ups. Three immediate neighbors, two are home-bound 24/7 and one is with a new baby, also home 24/7. Skip us, will you? I’ve right friends at high place, have police commissioner on speed dial .. see the pic – I’m only trying name dropping.

PS ..

A neighbor who also got burglarized is asking me about it .. specifically wanted to know the arrest rate over the 28 burglaries. I forgot how many had they caught?

Mr. Williams avoided to talk about the arrest rate which I assume it’s extremely low if there’s any.

I assume they are either eating donuts or doing bodybuilding. It is ridicules that there are so many burglaries in a supposed good neighborhood. I would have asked them so tough questions in this love meeting.

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