Desperately seeking a dentist

Luray caverns in Virginia.

Help .. Help ..  prospect .. my past, my present and my future .. oh lord hairy toothy decaying, how many dentists do I need to fix those?  I think I’ll need to start to floss and brush maybe every other week?  Tea and wine have stained my teeth, ok, I’ll increase the brush to every other day.  My best effort. 🙂

Long time ago, I visited a dentist in Hong Kong who obtained his degree in US.  My gum would bleed.  From time to time, I’d suffer toothache.  He checked, and did nothing.  I thought there wasn’t anything to be done, just had overflowing blood that needed to be channelled elsewhere or drained.

So when I came to New York, not only discovered floss, but also diagnosed with gum disease, then all hell broke out.  I don’t have picture nor do I remember the color of my gum back then – probably like beef, but now it’s porky, thank god.

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