Fathers and children

Though the Vatican knew of improprieties involving Maciel [Rev. Marcial Maciel Degollado, founder of the Legion of Christ,] as far back as 1956, he was praised and protected by John Paul II, who became pope in 1978 and once called Maciel “an efficacious guide to youth.”

Would anyone really be surprised to hear/see someone or few come forward claiming to be the lover/mistress of past and current Popes? What would they do when they have the urge of close human contact? Ha, the holy creatures aren’t made like me, they probably don’t have the need. But then why on earth would they, or elite few father children left and right, molesting boys and having mistresses?

“Maciel always told me to recruit the most handsome boys from the best families,” said [Juan] Vaca. “They were trained to approach rich women. I’m not saying they had sexual relationships with these women but they did know how to charm them.”

Kineke and others also said Legion priests are notoriously successful in winning over women to the church.

“They are spiritual seducers,” said another former Regnum Christi member. “They are the only priests I’ve seen who have swept people off their feet. These men woo women because they want access to our children and our husbands’ wallets.”

Desire. Passion. Scandal. Where’s Richard Chamberlain after The Thorn Birds?

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