Hitting an opponent (most of the time is not intentional). A lot of the time, the opponents really take offense to that.

In all honesty, most time when I got hit, I felt mad at myself more than anyone else: move your sweet piggy feet, will you?!

What usually happens if if someone gets hit, they will retaliate.

Ha … now come to think about it. During our match Simon did say “try to put to the side .. not to hit at them.. ”
I don’t remember my hit came before or after his private remark to me. But obviously if he saw then they saw too. BUT the truth is: I have absolutely NO intention to hit or hit at anyone. As a 3.0, speaking for myself only, it’s my inability to direct the shot. I DO not have much control !!!
Over the years, Simon had said the same thing to me now and then. I always looked at him in bewilderment: if he believes I could target at some one, does that mean I have decent control = I’m goody?!

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