Eliot Spitzer on Marriage, Hookers and What’s Next

Thanks lord David Paterson isn’t going to run for gov, is he, scandal after scandal? Would New York better off with Eliot who resigned over extra sex to only usher in another governor who had extra sex too? Not that I liked Spitzer (he did a lot on Wall Street but the conviction rates were so low .. ) or what he did on WS, I mean what really did he do, other than making headlines that ultimately sent him to Albany? Show me the money jailbirds. Is he going to run again, any time soon?

“I know this is parsing it very thin, but the emotional component would have in some ways been a worse violation,” he [Spitzer] told Time.

Ditto to what Lisa Belkin had to say about emotional involvement over physical. New York is really sexed up a mess.
Paid sex, free sex or sex out of passion, loving sex, as long as the man is doing a decent job governs this state, should we really have to care his private life?
Hear you .. that shows his character. But how much is a character worth nowadays? Do politicians have character?

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