A green tomato

Few things happened at Queens College’s match last night. If I were more experienced, I would probably warn my teammates, avoiding those troubles such as parking.

The attendant who guards the gate is harassing whomever she doesn’t like or whenever she feels like .. very random. I was right behind Kai who got stopped and had to make an U-turn to get a permit. I’ve been there many times recently and never had to deal with a guard at the entrance. Kai said the USTA card helps. Imagine it’s a weekday night and most of us are coming from work, would not have the luxury to be there too early before the match time.
(Few years ago I got a ticket from QC for parking outside of the tennis bubble. Pumpkin was taking lessons from Martin. I called the office and complained. They soon dismissed. There wasn’t any sign says you can’t park there.)
2010-06-23, fm CostcoLast night, the parking lot was very full.

When I voiced my complained to my team, one of them told me shut up

For the women’s league, we had to play in Harlem. Parking is horrible!!!! street parking and you end up walking blocks and blocks.

I never claimed to be a red head tomato 🙂 I know there are probably tons of issues that I’m not aware of.

Perhaps due to the parking, one of our opponents was late. What’s the protocol here in term of warm up goes? My partner and I started to hit while the lady Devon undress. After she’s ready, she walked on to court. Being fair, we included her: we girls against my partner. But it did cut down my routine. Personally I would wait till my opponents invited me if my partner were late. We would have invited her in any case.
Her partner arrived shortly after. However, the warm up was uninspiring, very dull. Like you were on a blind date and found lacking of chemistry: you have to force yourself to be there to finish the dinner game. For a way out, I looked at my crackberry, thank lord it’s 8:15.
“We should start the game.” I announced in relief.
I didn’t get to practice much, except few ground strokes that sent balls everywhere but back to Devon.

Court assignment
The layout of the six courts at QC are 3 on each side vertically. Fishnet divided the courts on the same side and thick vinyl covered the short end of the courts on either side that left a narrow pathway in the middle. We were assigned courts #1, #2 and #6. Courts 3-5 had pros giving lessons with hundred balls rolling. It was my first time playing next to a court that was having lessons. The fishnet was inadequate, so we endured the invasion of the balls for the duration of the lesson and quickly lost our own, starting from the third or 4th game in the first set.

As to the lessons, you cannot get away from that when the club gives lessons. You are just fortunate that you never end up next to one in the past.

I think QC should put the league matches on one side. There maybe issue with pros’ seasonal courts, but it’s not unsolvable.

More balls?
Our opponents were hard hitters, especially Andy who’s many shots had pierced the blue vinyl wall ended up in the court behind us. I made so many trips to retrieve: to the court next to us and behind.  Even between their serves: I had to, other wise it would get lost. (I held up my hand to apologize although they didn’t protest.) We were the home team. So I was wondering if we were to lose the 2nd one, left with one to play, am I obligated to open a new can?

There is nothing in the rules to cover this. So that will be up to the 2 teams that did not keep track of their balls & captains to decide if they want to open a new can & have both teams split the cost for a can of balls, which is less than $1.50/team.

That is why I always buy 4-ball cans (Dunlops) for my matches. It is easier for warm-up also now that both sides will have 2 to hit with.

Higher Callings
Our opponents didn’t call out their scores (which they should). So Simon did most calling. I for one, don’t like to call but I did diligently during all my league matches. Just being fair to everyone, avoiding confusion or argument. Last night game was the most silently one: we barely exchanged anything orally. In such startling contrast to our last match with the bubbling wife/husband team.

I either said “nice shot” or raised my hand clapping with my racket every time they made a nice shot. But they never reciprocated (not a requirement from me), nor even acknowledged it. I didn’t find that charming. Devon worn a New York Giants shirt. Wow I thought we would exchange some gossip on the beloved Giants after the game. No. They didn’t even want to play when match was over and there was 45 minutes left on the clock. Simon didn’t want to play either since he’s tired from jet lagging, just came back from Singapore, can not la.

During the warm up, Andy was at the net and Simon was feeding him. Then I heard Simon said
I looked to my right. Andy was bid mad and half raised his arms as was saying what’s that for.
“I said I’m sorry.” Simon repeated.
I knew Simon well. He hit hard at him because they both were capable hard hitter and that’s how guys play. Simon wouldn’t hit hard at the girl.
Irene has an habit of not putting anything away. Into second set, we had one of those tiresome never ending exchanges. Then Devon took a step forward and hit a great shot.  I was too slow lazy to react. My upper arm took a hit.
She sported an apologetically smile. Arm raised.. ..
Is my inter personal skill that poor, to crack someone open I had to take a physical hit? I was mad at myself 🙂 the result of being lazy. Half more step to the side I would have had a good angle to put it away. Oh ya right, as if I’m capable of doin that.

Line call
During the second set, Andy served wide to me to deuce side that landed in the alley. Very close to the line. It was the moment that I debated as to call it or not to call it. Then I heard Simon called it out, loud and firm. Our opponents showed their disagreement or displeasure visibly but briefly. Game went on.

The bomber
After all 3 matches were concluded one of my teammates said they had an controversy during their first set.
On serve but our pair were down 0:40. Boom, the serve went over while the receiver claimed he wasn’t ready.
What’s more?
It was an ace.
It’s so eerily coincident: the same player just did to me repeatedly few days ago while my back was to the court.  That, is disgusting and unsportsmanlike.
On the other hand, every story has two sides. Was the receiver really not ready? Didn’t he see the ball was being tossed? In any case, it wasn’t one of those matches when everyone felt good, so I dash a short note to the captain who wasn’t presented and apologized, for the confusion, trying to make a peace, etc.

Win or loss, I prize fairness and reputation first. I would like to enjoy other competitors respect not despise, and to be able to share a drink with them at end of the day. Now .. I have the feeling that every team will scrutinize us closely, very closely. I don’t like that. That will put tremendous unnecessary pressure on our players.

#1 Doubles: 6:4, 6:1
#2 Doubles: 4:6, 6:1, 1:0 (10:3)
#3 Doubles: 6:1, 6:3

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