Zhongguancun #1 Primary School 中关村一小

Huang Shuai then I don’t remember his name, but our 地理 geography teacher was the most popular and beloved one in our primary school . He’s quiet, mild mannered with a thick black framed glasses, didn’t seem entirely comfortable at the lecture stand. But he’s always in his element when he talked about the subjects of geography. Of course he’s passionate about other things too – little history or lit, like Three Kingdom and Dream of the Red Chamber, etc. .. which were taboo at the time. So …

There is another primary school in the area, Zhongguancun #1 Primary School 中关村一小. The number is just for the sequence. Both schools catered primarily to us, the offspring of CAS Chinese Academy of Sciences community – the brains of China.

In our grade, we had two Li Rui 李锐, one was a boy and one a girl. Starting in 1973 or so, Huang Shuai 黄帅 from Zhongguancun #1 中关村一小 (中关村二小 #2 was expansion of #1 一小) became the poster child of the revolution .. she spoke out against a teacher or someone, (against study) hence the Gang of Four used her as a prop – did I get the story right here?

Huang Shuai nowSo .. the Girl Li Rui with a moon face in our school followed it up with me too act. Unthinkably she picked on our popular geo teacher. Crime? Among others, he talked about Three Kingdom and Dream of the Red Chamber, etc. in our class, and little bit real history. Miss Moon was in Class One and I was in Class two. Huang Shuai was a striking girl, a swimmer – go figure 🙂 but the Moon was, well, let’s just stopped it here.

It was still during the Cultural Revolution. Teachers at both schools were only half listening to the directives and propaganda from above. They lived in the area, their spouses were most likely CAS employees and their kids went to our schools, a little incestuous :). But our academy standard was very high – in comparison to the rest of the city and country. When the news broke out that that Moon had accused our favored teacher, the school was boiling. Our male classmates went to her class room to protest, trying to intimidate her. Teachers did nothing to stop the boys, largely .. .. Unfortunately, in the end, school had to suspend him. By the time we graduated from school, moved on to Renda fu, he was still pulling grasses from our front yard where there was mostly barren – better than sending him to the countryside.

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2 Responses to Zhongguancun #1 Primary School 中关村一小

  1. Yi says:

    Here is what happened to Huang Shuai later
    Ironically, the figure against study did study, while the boy you mentioned, was unable to do so. Did you know what happen to him later?

  2. Thanks Yi. It’s indeed ironic.
    I don’t know how Li Zhanjiang is making it out for himself. His parents worked for CAS – we were neighbors but never played together. He went to 8.1 High School while I went to Renda fu. Hopefully he’s one of those late boomers! As for Huang Shuai, that’s another story ..

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