Pillow fight in San Francisco 2010

The tear gas came to say time’s up at 8:30 or so but it did nothing. Fighters lingered well into the night.

A very special way to celebrate the Valentine’s Day: with pillow fight. It took place out side of our hotel in Embarcadero and Market, Justin Herman Plaza, next to the Ferry Building. Hotel didn’t advertise this event. Many guests did participate. Hotel staff didn’t stop them going out with pillows. For a better view, I watched it on the 3rd floor and 7th floor, with few hotel guests, as if we had our own little party. I would think my kids would want to go.
Heck no.
Don’t know what’s wrong with them, so jaded.
“Let’s go .. ” I suggested enthusiastically.
“Mom … ” They both looked at me as if I just escaped from a mental institution.

DSCN4351 DSCN4416
DSCN4528 DSCN4540

Not sure what the Americans are thinking .. outside of the box, obviously.
I’m narrow minded.
No imagination.

The following day, I got up early, the plaza had been scrubbed clean, shrouded in the thick morning fog.
look .. I'm all cleaned up ..

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