The $700 Used Book .. 十年幸福

BusinessWeek reported back in Aug 7, that Seth Klarman’s Margin of Safety, published in 1991 commands $700, a best deal from (another seller offers $2,500). This has brought up my bookish moment, and it cost me only $20:
When I interloaned the book Zehn Jahre des Glücks, written by my grand aunt (my grandma referred to her as The French, since she obtained her PhD in Paris) last year, it came from the Library of Congress. Seriously, it’s the most enchanting book I’ve seen so far, very elegant: off white linen hard cover with title in gold. …. I just have to have it. So, I scout the web and found a German bookseller. It arrived promptly a week later. I could feel my surging excitement. Hurriedly, and clumsily I opened the well-padded envelope. Tada, a paperback copy came to my view. Lord, how stupid of me not checking the edition! Ok, my blood sugar back down to normal. But wait, it surged again when I open the first page and saw her signature in red ink dated 1985 – it’s a signed copy.

Boy, was I a happy lucky little bird after all.

Uncle Weizeng becomes her estate’s executor and offered me the opportunity to translate this book. I declined since I don’t have the ability to render a skillful interpretation it deserves.

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