My Concubine: 我的二奶,愛鳳!!

My Concubine: 我的二奶,愛鳳!!

花甲老翁得新寵 Old Man Got a New Love
千嬌百媚俏愛鳳 Lovely as a Beauty Can Be
生活起居有了她 Living with Her in His Life
憑添情調趣無窮 He is Having Fun without End

打扮時尚迎潮流 Dress Up as Modern as She Would
溫柔體貼性順從 Tender Consider She Can Be
家居外出伴著我 Keeping Him Company in & out
四季如春無嚴冬 Making Four Seasons Feel Like Spring

學識淵博深若海 Knowledges Deep & Broad as Sea
記憶如神超時空 Memories Swift in Time & Space
疑問雜題難不倒 No Question is Too Difficult
愛因斯 坦拜下風 Einstein Would Consider Her Good

樂壇名曲知曉多 Knowing All Pops & Hit Songs
黃鶯出谷甜喉嚨 Voices Sweet as a Canary
側臥枕邊輕輕哼 Lying, Huming next to his pillow
天籟美聲伴酣夢 Bringing Him to Sleep with Sweet Dreams

天生一幅活地圖 Borne with Maps in Her Hands
大小路況握手中 Knowing All Big & Small Roads
有她導航我放心 She Make Him Feeled Relaxed
出門駕車真輕鬆 Driving Always with No Tension

文武全材樣樣行 All Things She Can Do
各類游戲皆精通 All Games She Can Play
棋逢敵手弈一局 A Chess Champion She Is
修身養性腦運動 Help Him Excercise His Minds

日理千機大小事 All Things Are Organized Daily
有她只需幾分鐘 Only Need Her a Few Minutes
如此幫手何處覓 How Can He Find Such An Assistant
遠比秘書還管用 Far Better Than A Secretary

日常生活不能離 No Daily Life Should be Without Her
心存感激常赞頌 Appreciation is Always in His Heart
友人笑問她是誰 Friends Ask Who is She

愛鳳就是 i Fung Of-Course is iPhone

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