The Jihadist Next Door

Not long ago, the threat of American-bred terrorists seemed a distant one. Law-enforcement officials theorized that Muslims in the United States — by comparison with many of their European counterparts — were upwardly mobile, socially integrated and therefore less susceptible to radicalization. Perhaps the greatest proof of this came with the absence of domestic terrorist attacks following 9/11, a period that has brought Europe devastating homegrown hits in Madrid and London.

I have always felt that we haven’t seen any home grew terrorists is the greatest tribute to this country.

When he got back to Daphne [from Damascus], Hammami remained conflicted. One night before he went to sleep, he turned to God for guidance. “Slowly I started to incline toward Islam,” he later wrote to his sister, “and my heart became tranquil.”

I understand his tranquility came from that he made peace with himself. He found what he thought he’s looking for what’s right for him. But it’s just so jarring that the bloodbath he now takes so often or the path he chose in such stark contrary.

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