Strong showing @ Woodie’s

cimg3427.JPGWe had our club meeting yesterday with largest showing ever, 8 of us (two more girls!!!), needed time out to get a chance to speak, great rapport and enthusiasm.  San Diego Chapter’s Josey Wales’s record was 26.  I might have to enlist my fellows from China to beat that number, 🙂

Megan is cool, a fast talker and to the point, clearly knows what she wants.  They asked about W’s seminar, if I’ve learned something new.  Hmmmmm, good question but I frown on it.  Let’s me see, the tennis pro didn’t return my call, so I tookcimg3424.JPG the hourly rate hotel instead; the lunches were great, the spicy omelet was tasty, bought a lovely pendant made by Steve Yellowhorse from the Heard, learned what a spiritline was .. .. No, no, the trendline break!!  So Megan summed it up nicely, “you spent on the airfare/hotel/seminar just to hang out like with us here?”  Great pointer, pls don’t tell Golfer, :)… When I first started out, I was dying to have a group like this, to learn and bounce back some idea.  Also I couldn’t bear the fact that NY didn’t have a chapter.  Someone in W’s room told me that there was a NY/NJ chapter years ago, well attended.  I had hoped that once we have a chapter going, some big swing dick with larger draw would step forward and take charge, replace me, the place holder, 🙂  But so far it hasn’t happened.Seriously, the meeting went really well, we discussed and learned.  I got a kick from seeing the chopstick came with my fried calamari at Houlihan’s.  Lord.  Were they running out of forks or playing a joke on me?  Richard is from Houston.  I thought only the Jamaican accent is cute, but guess I haven’t heard the Texan.  Leonard offered to have meeting at his house.  Dad Merrill is cool (an engineer, go figure) and Celina is quiet compare to us, and Augustine left early.  One more thing, we got to bribe Charlie to stay with us!  Btw, I just sold our group pic on eBay, claiming it contains the clue to the blackbox .. phew .. my next month’s rent is set, prolonging the foreclosure by months; may escape the subprime altogether.  Thanks people, happy trading.

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  1. Charlie says:

    Bribing sounds like a good thing! HAHA

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