Make up or make believe?

The other day I went to Sephora for some lotion and cream. It’s slow and one of the girls came over, offered to show me some make up stuff. I had few minutes to kill so I allowed it.
Man, boy, girl, it’s a huge mistake. I haven’t touch that for over a decade I don’t even know what girls are using nowadays. Some green paste in a tube .. and that’s not eye shadow. It’s for facial. I kid you not. To take out the reddishness.
Anyway, to cut my story short, I left with a new face and few items that made my new face and a hourglass brush that the salesgirl termed as an investment.
It cost $65, better be an investment 🙂
make upPumpkin was mortified.
“Mom, what did you do to your face?”
Some make ups, love.
“Oh Mom, you’re NOT that old!”
But the salesgirl said I looked good and young.
Pumpkin just rolled her eyes.
Mascara doesn’t bother me too much. Few days later, at chech out counter, a female cashier looked at the fancy mascara I picked.
“I’m getting old, so I begin to use make ups.”
She laughed.
“You’re just like my Mom. She said the exactly the same thing.”
Oh mothers.

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