Go the extra mile

cimg3359.JPGI sure go that extra mile to amuse my kids: pick them up in a police car.  Ok, confession: I got into a minor accident in the parking lot, my car had to be towed.  Police came to write up the report.  I had to ask him for a ride picking up my kid.  Didn’t know if King wanted to run away as soon as he saw me in the cop’s car!  The officer’s been on the force for five years.  I was afraid to be sued for sexual harassment, so I didn’t compliment on his good looks, :).  Yes I can take a picture, but not him.  The seat was really deep – or I have short legs.

The tow car driver came quickly, drove us back to the parking lot.  On the way, I asked him what’s the farthest for a pick up, thinking tri-state area.  “Chicago.”  Wow.  “Yes, there was this guy who bullet proofed his car in New York and asked us to deliver it to Chicago.”  That’s neat.  Then I thought, bullet proof?  “Yes, a Chinese guy .. ” he looked at me, then continued “actually from mainland, has a thriving import and export business.  Chicago can be wild. ..”

Ok, did 20 laps, hiked 2 miles and played two sets tennis, all in a day’s work.

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