Obama blames Clinton era for crisis

FT .. Barack Obama yesterday laid much of the blame for America’s unfolding credit crisis on the financial deregulation of the 1990s in his hardest-hitting attack so far on the economic legacy of Bill Clinton’s administration. ..

Not Reagan?  Wow .. the real punches are out now.  Why did it take so long?  Still remember when Bill became red necked on TV when a moderator (was Chris Wallace?) asked him about the sentiment that he incubated Osama Bin Ladens during his two presidencies – I certainly agree?  It’s the economy stupid, but not to your credit, Billary.  Like it or not, someones luck is just stronger than others and Bill had his day 狗运亨通 while in the White House.  Obama, wtg!

Will Obama and Hillary be a winning ticket?  The voters needn’t remember all the ugliness and punches they throw at each other freely.  Cool.  How about Rice and Jeb Bush?

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