The BeetleJuice

Carrot + Ginger + Apple – Boost and cleanse our system.
Apple + Cucumber + Celery – Prevent cancer, reduce cholesterol, and improve stomach upset and headache.
Tomato + Carrot + Apple – Improve skin complexion and bad breath.
Bitter gourd + Apple + Milk – Avoid bad breath and reduce internal body heat.
Orange + Ginger + Cucumber – Improve Skin texture and moisture and reduce body heat.
Pineapple + Apple + Watermelon – To dispel excess salts, nourishes the bladder and kidney.
Apple + Cucumber + Kiwi – To improve skin complexion.
Pear & Banana – regulates sugar content.
Carrot + Apple + Pear + Mango – Clear body heat, counteracts toxicity, decreased blood pressure and fight oxidization .
Honeydew + Grape + Watermelon + Milk – Rich in vitamin C + Vitamin B2 that increase cell activity and strengthen body immunity.
Papaya + Pineapple + Milk – Rich in vitamin C, E, Iron. Improve skin complexion and metabolism.
Banana + Pineapple + Milk – Rich in vitamin with nutritious and prevent constipation
Quite interesting!
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