From kid glove to white glove

The luxury makers are expanding in Asia, Chindia in particular. “I think the fashion world is beginning to realise that Asian customers are getting more sophisticated by the day,” says Mr Jenden.  “Yes, there are cultural differences. Europeans don’t pick their teeth. But it’s very important not to be jaded or patronising when in Asia.”

So the lux makers first kid glove the Asians and now white glove them when they found out that the teeth pickers can be sophisticated, and the Asian markets are less saturated?  I don’t have a habit of picking teeth, understand some have the need to do so, and the bewilderment of other cultures looking at people who do.  BUT still, his statement didn’t sit well with me, as if being caught while doing a little dirty dance in a dark room.  I’ve seen one or two restaurants in the city that supply mouth wash in the bathroom, but never seen one with dental floss.  When Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw, bumped to Mr. Big in the Sex in The City, things that fall out from her handbag were lip sticks and condoms, didn’t remember seeing dental floss.  Whitemen’s teeth were different from the Asians that food don’t stuck in between?

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