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J came to play card game baifen this past Sunday.  I haven’t seen her for a good few years.  Last time was at a ski resort, we had hot pot and well, played cards in the evenings.  She just got divorced then, and the older son (now sophomore in college) lives with dad and she took the younger one, now 12 years old.  She’s mellow and good looking, a daughter of a general from Fuzhou.  As soon as the game underway, we started gossiping.  It brought tears to hear her ordeal.

She’s been very healthy all her life, but found a large benign tumor in her utter during the annual check up last autumn.  Girls, keep the annual appointment!  So she checked in to have the tumor removed late September 2007.  The surgeon is young, only got his license to kill in 2000.  The bleeding occurred as soon as he sewn her up.  To find the source of bleed, he cut her up three more times!

“I got sick perhaps only twice, all like cold or headache, nothing serious.”  She said evenly.  “My brother is a surgeon in Fuzhou.  He knows many top doctors there.  But this surgery is so routine, I opted to do it here.”  Ended up, she spent next three months in bed, got blood transfusion 3x.  For a while, she was bloated like a balloon.  She has a lawyer investigating a possible malpractice.  Hopefully the attorney she hired is able and decent, with solid track records and referrals.

I often wondered where the young guns practice their crafts and hone their skills.  I might be condemned to death if I suggest prisoners and uninsured.  The novice have to start somewhere.  The residency could only help so far.  My OB/GY is an elder portly Korean.  If he doesn’t don those cheap plastic short sleeves shirts, he could be stately.  During my first pregnancy, my g/fs told me what to expect and what to ask.  A certain hospital was on the list.  So I asked for the venue.  That day, perhaps he’s in a grouchy mood, he tersely relied, “every hospital has it good and bad.  Why this one?  On your delivery day, if the nurse happens to have a fight with her husband/boyfriend/child, you’re in a ditch. regardless which hospital..  ..”  That shut me up for good.  I delivered my two over-sized healthy babies in the hospital of his choice, without any remote glitch.  Actually, by the same nurse, a young pretty energetic girl – late 20s or early 30s? – she didn’t remember us at all.  Now Dr. Korean has two grandchildren, practices with his son, a clean-cut good looking OB/GY.

J’s been dating a college mate they met at a reunion who lives in Japan.  Throughout her suffering, her ex has been there for her without a single complain.  The divorce stemmed from too much meddling and pressure from his family, and she felt he didn’t stand up for her.   Even she said Tony’s first person she called in time of emergency.  It’s really not my business, but I boldly asked is there any possibility of reconciliation.  She said rather quickly, ‘maybe’.  Good start!

There are many people from her local church who helped her, a lot.  “But I just couldn’t make up my mind join in.”  Are we too jaded?  I would think a life changing event like that could prompt one to convert.  “I saw too many church goers doing the worst possible thing ..”  We don’t need a bible or preacher to tell us to do the right thing.  It’s human nature to do good, trust me.

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