The newsman in the news

The glaring differences in the way the news are being handled: in the west, if a newspaper or magazine is backed by da government, no one would read.  But in China, if it isn’t backed by Beijing, no one would believe it: because reporters are able to sit in internal government meetings and read files.  Btw, for those who don’t know China well, economical data (plus many others) are or were state secrets.  We had cankao xiaoxi 参考消息 that reprints the news from around the world (mostly G-7) and the plebs in China weren’t qualify to subscribe it. .. 愚民

Guangzhou Daily Group’s chairman Dai Yuqing puts it nicely, “[My generation] grew up in totally different circumstances,” says Mr Dai. Now 52 years old, he came of age in the chaos of the Cultural Revolution. “The generation after ours might be able to share similar interests as western people because they never had to worry about food and clothing…China is still a developing country. If we used western media standards, negative news [would] fill the paper every day. China is trying to resolve all kinds of problems and we are running our newspaper in this context.”

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